07. Mai 2014 · Kommentare deaktiviert für 16-jähriger Eritreer in Calais auf dem Weg nach England umgekommen · Kategorien: Eritrea, Frankreich

A 16 years old Eritrean died in Calais, trying to pass to England

Mengs Medhane, 16 years old, from Eritrea

Village: Zeare, District: Debub, Sub-district: Dekenhare

I spoke with two of the three other teenagers who were in the lorry with him: the lorry was going in the wrong direction; they tried to call for the attention of the driver but he did not hear; Mengs wanted to jump; the others told him not to do it because it is too dangerous but he did not listen; he jumped and he died. The other boys travelled further for 1 1/2 hours; later the lorry stopped and they went down, thinking he was still alive; while walking back they were picked up by police who told them their friend had died. They are very upset and in shock.

The family has been informed. There is a collection to send the body home to Eritrea, donations much needed.

There was a circle at the food distribution in memory of Mengs. Migrants of all communities attended. Everybody is very upset and angry. There were prayers, and speeches. Some blamed the authorities and border controls for the untimely death of Mengs, and want to have a demonstration. Later there was the vigil at the Eritrean camp, attended by so many people. The entire Eritrean community in Calais is griveing.

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