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Naval forces seize commercial ship near Tobruk

By Ahmed Elumami

The Libyan Navy has reported that it has seized a Lebanese cargo ship in territorial waters near Tobruk. The ship was stopped for entering the waters without prior authorisation.

Ayub Qassem, spokesman for the navy , told the Libya Herald that the Alexandra, a Lebanese ship flying a Togo flag, was stopped at 10 pm yesterday evening for entering Libyan waters. The ship was on its way to Alexandria. He said that the Alexandra‘s crew of four Syrians, five Moroccans and one Indian are currently being held at Tobruk Naval Base for questioning. The ship’s captain claims he was forced to enter waters near Tobruk to avoid bad weather.

Speaking at a press conference today, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan praised recent efforts by the Navy in intercepting the Maltese-flagged oil tanker, Baku. The tanker was stopped while trying to illegally enter Sidra oil port on Monday.

Zeidan warned all foreign ships to stay away from Libyan waters adding that only authorised ships would be permitted.

Ashraf Abdul-Wahab adds:

It is reported from Tobruk this evening that the Alexandra has now been released after the captain gave a written undertaking that he would not enter Libyan waters again without permission.

via Naval forces seize commercial ship near Tobruk | Libya Herald

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