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Prison breakout in Ajdabiya

By Noora Ibrahim

There has been another mass breakout from the prison in Ajdabiya, according to the spokesman for the town’s Joint Security Room, Bashir Abdul Gader. He told the Libya Herald today that over 40 men had managed to escape yesterday but that four had been recaptured.

He alleged collusion by prison guards, claiming that that they had not tried to stop the breakout and only reported it after the convicts had managed to get away.

In September, 45 men escaped from the prison and very few were recaptured.

Libya has seen a wave of mass prison breakouts this year, notably in Sebha which has seen at least four jailbreaks.

In July, 1,200 inmates escaped from Benghazi’s main Kuwaifiya Prison during a prison riot.

Ajdabiya is the operational centre of Ibrahim Jadhran, the Cyrenaica federalist leader who had been holding the country to ransom by blockading three oil terminals.

Last week, the town also saw clashes between Zwai and Tebu residents.

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