08. August 2013 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Malta hat Tanker mit geretteten Flüchtlingen blockiert – juristische ad-hoc-Analyse (Kroker) · Kategorien: Italien, Lesetipps, Libyen, Malta · Tags:

Patrick Kroker, a German Lawyer whom we were recently in contact with through ECCHR in Berlin offered this preliminary analysis of the Salamis case that may also be useful to define the legality or illegality of the practice of „privatised pushbacks“.
Patrick Kroker, un avocat allemand avec lequel nous avons récement été en contact via ECCHR à Berlin nous à envoyé cette analyse préliminaire du cas Salamis et qui pourrait être utile pour définir la légalité ou l’illégalité de la pratique des „pushback privatisé“.
He asks us to specify that:
„please do make sure to make clear that this is only a brief and preliminary analysis. I only had a couple of hours to work on it today and before being quoted on it, I would like to conduct a more thorough research on the issue. But in case the analysis helps someone „private push back“ cases, I am more than happy, of course.“

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