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Armed Forces of Malta and Libyan Navy Engage in Joint Training Operation – Migrant Patrols a Focus of Training









Niels Frenzen, 30.08.2012: An Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) maritime squadron conducted its first joint training exercise this week with the Libyan Navy since the overthrow of the previous Libyan government. An AFM offshore patrol vessel and 46 AFM personnel engaged in training exercises in the Tripoli Harbour and off the Libyan coast. Among the exercises practiced were “pre-boarding interrogation techniques via radio, approach to a suspected vessel and the conduct of the subsequent boarding and verification operations.” Maltese officials said they hope “such training exchanges become a regular feature of the bilateral relationship.” Media reports quoted an anonymous military source as saying that “[t]he training exercise will focus on patrolling the Libyan border because this is where most of the illegal migration problems begin, resulting in an influx of migrants into Malta and Lampedusa.”



Thursday, July 5, 2012, 13:23: Libyan Under-Secretary visits Malta, discusses immigration Border control and immigration were discussed by government and AFM officials with the Libyan Under-Secretary for Defence for Borders, Oilfields and Critical Infrastructure Al Siddiq A. Al Obaidi, who visited Malta earlier this week.
He arrived late on Monday and left on Tuesday. His visit was only disclosed by the government today. The DOI said talks were held with, among others, Foreign Affairs Minister Tonio Borg and AFM commander Brigadier Martin Xuereb. They centred on the importance of closer ties between Malta and Libya on border control and illegal immigration and assistance which the AFM can give the Libyan authorities.



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