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Rom, 20.08.2012 (Adnkronos) und b4p-Recherchen: 81-83 Boat-people wurden im Kanal von Sizilien gerettet. Die subsaharischen Flüchtlinge waren auf einem Schlauchboot unterwegs, der Motor war ausgefallen, und noch aus libyschen Gewässern haben sie am 19.08.2012 einen Notruf von einem eigenen Satellitentelefon aus gestartet. Der Notruf ging weiter an das MRCC (Maritimes Rettungs-Koordinationszentrum) in Rom. Daraufhin hat die italienische Küstenwache von Palermo aus in Kontakt mit den libyschen Behörden das Schlauchboot zu überwachen begonnen, auch mit Hilfe eines Hubschraubers eines italienischen Kriegsschiffs, das sich in der Nähe befand. Zwei Abschleppschiffe in der Gegend und zwei Motorschiffe der Küstenwache von Lampedusa wurden mit einbezogen. Libysche Schiffe sind nicht aufgetaucht. Am Morgen des 20.08.2012 wurden die Flüchtlinge dann kurz vor Lampedusa an Bord der Küstenwachen genommen. Um 15:30 Uhr sollten sie in Lampedusa ankommen.


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Human Rigts Watch / Human Rigts in Europe / Judith Sunderland: Hidden Emergency. MIgrant Deaths in the Mediterranean. August 2012

The mothers of young Tunisian men who disappeared without a trace after setting off in early 2011 on the dangerous voyage across the Mediterranean are still searching for their loved ones. In meetings with Tunisian and Italian officials, they are asking for help and for the truth. As one mother who travelled to Italy explained, “If I can’t find my own son, I will find at least one son. I want to be told what happened to them.”  They hope their sons arrived safely, but the reality is that they may be among the thousands who have died attempting to cross the Mediterranean.

The number of migrant deaths in the Mediterranean, a sea with many busy shipping lanes where international law and centuries of custom oblige ships to assist those in need, is shocking.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that 1,500 people died in the Mediterranean in 2011 alone, making it the deadliest year on record.[1]Fortress Europe, an internet blog that tracks deaths of those seeking to reach Europe, puts the number at over 2,000. The real number may be even higher.

Political upheaval and armed conflict in North Africa last year created particular circumstances that may have led to more people embarking on even more dangerous crossings. Yet, migration to Europe by those fleeing persecution or just seeking a better life is a regular, yearly phenomenon, and so too are deaths at sea. According to Fortress Europe, over 13,500 people have died attempting these crossings since 1998.[2]

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Frantz Fanon and the Arab Uprisings: An Interview with Nigel Gibson (Yasser Munif)

Ein lesenswerter Text zu den laufenden arabischen Aufständen. Zwei Zitate:

– „The task for radicals is to avoid applying pre-formed cookie-cutter theory to new situations and jamming a new event or movement into old categories, but, instead, to begin to open up space for dialogue and reflection on action.“

– „The military defeat of an oppressive regime is important, but it does not answer our problems. It is where our problems begin, since social change cannot be reduced to a military solution.“


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Since some months a series of selforganised refugee-protests take place in various cities in Germany and the refugee-activists decided now for a march to Berlin in September. Read the call below and find a german and farsi version on the following website: http://gustreik.blogsport.eu/

more informations:




March to Berlin: Call for all refugees

The human being’s mission to achieve freedom is not to stand in line but to disrupt the queue
You, all the asylum seekers that live under inhumane conditions in Germany and see your lives and the lives of your children going through a gradual death, you who like prisoners are kept in asylum seekers’ camps, facing all the Apartheid discriminatory conditions that treat you like second class citizens, you who expect your deportation order to arrive at any moment, you who stand at the lowermost layers of the society, carrying all the weight of the unfair society on your shoulders, whilst the only thing you are allowed to do is to obey the cruel and inhuman rule of limited travelling range, NOW is the time to rise up against all this!
NOW is the time of our uprising because we do not want to passively witness the death of one of us, since the inhumane treatment of the asylum seekers in Germany can lead any human being to a gradual or a sudden death. Now after 5 months since the start of the asylum seekers’ protest in Germany, that began on 19th of March 2012 in Würtzburg and inspired asylum seekers of other cities to rise up, the movement strengthened by the resistance and perseverance of the asylum seeker is going to aim for a much bigger step.

We will NOT respect the laws that do not respect us as human beings

The striking asylum seekers all over the Germany who have initiated a strong and coordinated joint protest, have decided to launch a new action on 8th of September: on this day asylum seekers will move towards Berlin from 2 different routes and after gathering in this city they will show to the German government that any action towards implementation of the inhumane deportation law will be responded back by the asylum seeker’s movement and will not remain unopposed. They will shout louder than ever that they will continue their struggle until the asylum seekers’ camps with their catastrophic conditions are abolished. In fact by gathering in Berlin, the asylum seekers will actively disobey the discriminatory law of limited travelling range, which forces the asylum seekers to remain within a certain area. This well coordinated action, which is solely organized by the asylum seekers themselves and is independent of any political party or group, will be a way to strongly voice the opposition against the ‘limited travelling range’ law.
As mentioned before, the march towards Berlin will start simultaneously from 2 separate routes:  one in which asylum seekers will walk from Würzburg towards Berlin and the other where they will use transportation means and will pass through west of Germany. The two marches will arrive at the same time in Berlin and will join each other. This action will first  be launched by the asylum seekers from two provinces of South Germany (Bayern and Baden-Württemberg), but will not remain limited to only these two provinces. All asylum seekers living in camps and places that are on the way to Berlin will be visited and they will all be invited to join the protest.
We call all the asylum seekers who like us will no more bear the inhuman conditions and have in different ways revolted against them, to join us so that by uniting our forces we can bring the decades of struggles for the asylum seekers’ rights to its long awaited goal.
In Berlin we will stand hand in hand and in solidarity and we will once more announce our legitimate demands;

– we demand the abolishment of all the asylum seekers’ camps in Germany
– deportation is an inhumane law, a law that solely serves the political and economic interests of those who are in power, this law must be abolished
– we demand that the law of the limited free travelling of the asylum seekers is abolished.
To all asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in Germany:
we have all left our countries for different reasons, and we all came to this country hoping for a better and safer life. Most of us have come from thousands of kilometers away to this place, going through all sorts of  agony, danger and suffering to get here. We have tolerated all the hardship hoping for a better life in future. It is perhaps now the time to wear the same shoes we were wearing when we crossed all the borders on the way to here, it is perhaps now the time to travel for some more tens of Kilometers ahead, this time not alone but all together towards creating a better world.
To the asylum seekers of southern provinces: on 8th of September we will all gather in Würtzburg and will be looking forward to all and each of you joining us.
The asylum seekers of other provinces who share our concerns: we will do our best to come to your camps and to move together with you towards Berlin.
For more information please contact:
Contact for South and East Germany

Tel: 017679837911
Contact for North and West Germany

Coordinating committe of the strikning asylum seekers  in Germany