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Abba Mussei Zerai berichtet am 24.08.2012 über das Lager Hums im Osten von Tripolis. Am 23.08.2012 haben dort Militärs 3 Flüchtlinge erschossen, die ohnehin gespannte Situation eskaliert. Abba Mussei Zerai macht die EU für die Existenz dieser Lager in Libyen verantwortlich.

A massacre of asylum seekers in detention center Hums east of Tripoli.

The situation of refugees Sub-Saharan Africans in Libya is proving more and more hell. Increased to three people killed by Libyan soldiers. It all started yesterday morning and throughout the day there was a high tenzion between refugees and military until that late in the evening, the military said in the supervision of the detention center for asylum seekers to Hums east of Tripoli, where they are detained hundreds of asylum seekers and political refugees, already recognized by UNHCR in Sudan, pacificamnte protesting against the appalling conditions of detention, ill-treatment and can even killings, as happened last night. Opposite to the demands and hunger strike deployed by desperate women by living conditions, lack of respect for their human dignity, women who are pregnant need of medical supervision and assistance that does not receive anything, the response of the Libyan military and was to beat up a guy like carpio offering, and then shoot him for no reason. The soldiers also shot against women screaming in front of the killing of one of their companions, the soldiers beat and shot against women to reduce them to silence.
The latest updates from Tripoli which increased to three died under the blows of the Libyan military, this is a crime against humanity, and in total violation of human rights and international conventions protecting the rights of refugees.
The death of these three applicants in a detention center in Libya, is a serious act of acusa to Europe that guarding agreements with Libya today is not different at all from Libya yesterday with Ghedaffi, indeed Libya today proves to be more violent than during the dictatorship of Colonel. All this is happening while killing to prevent refugees from reaching the fortress Europe. European pressure to close the doors of Europe is costing the lives of many refugees.
I appeal to the European Parliament to act decisively on the government in Tripoli, the references to respect for human rights and the rights of asylum seekers. Free all refugees, and deliver them into the hands of the UNHCR has a duty to ensure that these people international protection.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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