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– 9 Eritrean victims of the 1st July 2009 push-backs from Italy to Libya signed procuration letters to allow C. to represent them in a trial against the Italian state for compensation.

– The soldier that „asked“ the delegation to go out from the camp said that the decisional power is owned by IOM while the army has only the role of avoiding the entrance in the camp of unauthorized people.

– Everybody complained about the living conditions in the camp, especially for those that arrived in November/December and have not been registered yet, thus have no access to any food.

– A unaccompanied 16 years old guy from Bangladesh, victim of several push-backs, is in the camp and we should understand if we can do something about this.

– We went to Choucha today with our delegation, which is now 11 people. Although we came in 3 taxis and not at the same time, people working in the camp and military saw us and later talked to us, when we met with refugees we had called. After some polite discussion they said we are not allowed to go into the camp. Later we heard that the UNHCR had called the Ministry of Defense and they gave this order: no visits to Choucha without permission of the military. We said we only want to speak with refugees invited to the Forum in Monastir, and when the military wanted the names to bring them to us, we refused – we called them on our own!!! Nevertheless we could make a meeting outside the camp. Unfortunately only 3 of the refugees on the list of N. can/want to go to Monastir. Some have fear, some have other plans and two have resettlement to the USA on the 16th. So we discussed who else could come as representatives of the different countries and communities, and we have 8 persons now, among them 2 women. They all will get an invitation (N. sent it) and we will pick them up tomorrow at 11 at the camp with a small bus, organised by one of the refugees. Then we take collective taxis to Monastir.

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