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Quelle: Transnational Institute









Das Transnational Institute hat eine Broschüre über die Aurfrüstung an den Grenzen mit dem Titel Border Wars herausgegeben.

Der Text kann hier als pdf-Datei heruntergeladen werden.


Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis:

Executive Summary 1
Introduction: the EU war on immigration 3
Fueling the refugee tragedy: EU arms exports 6
EU response to migration: militarising the borders 9
– ‘Fighting illegal immigration’
– Armed forces at the borders
– NATO assistance
– Border fences and drones
– From Frontex to a European Border and Coast Guard Agency
– Externalizing EU borders
– Deal with Turkey
– Selling militarisation as a humanitarian effort
Lobbying for business 17
– Lobby organisations
– Frontex and industry
– Security fairs as meeting points
EU funding for border security and border control 25
– Funding for (candidate) member states
– Funding third countries’ border security
– EU Research & Technology funding
– Frontex funding for research
– Future prospects for security research
Which companies profit from border security? 34
– Global border security market
– Frontex contracts
– Major profiting companies
– Detention and deportation
Conclusion 43

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