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„I want to know why they are acting like that“

Testimony of Haneefa about the practices of the Spanish police Guardia civil at the border of Morocco and Spain (Ceuta) on thursday the 6th of february 2014.
The interview was made by welcome to europe the 15th of february 2014 in Sevilla.

Haneefa: On Thursday the 6th of february I was on the border Morocco-Ceuta to visit my daughter who lives over there. I saw three dead persons on the beach in Ceuta next to the border of Morocco. The Guardia civil, the Spanish police, were moving the dead bodies by kicking them to the Moroccan side of the beach
When I was asking the policemen why they were doing that, they shouted to me: Shut up, shut up! Do not talk!“ I could not sleep for three nights, and I don’t know why they treat that persons like that. I don’t understand. Why? My daughter left quickly because she couldn’t bear to see that..
w2eu: Have there been more persons?
Haneefa: A lot! All the people who wanted to enter Ceuta this day had to wait. Everything was out of order. The facts were seen by thousands of people, the majority Moroccan, who were waiting like me in line to cross the border, which is a little bit higher with a view on the beach. All these people were screaming. Persons from Chaouen and its surroundings can pass the border with their passport, others need a visa. There is a storehouse in Ceuta, just on the border with Morocco. The Moroccan people go there to buy things, its like a market. The people who worked there certainly saw everything that happened on that thursday as well.

w2eu: How many policemen have you seen?
Haneefa: Three. First all of the three policemen were at the beach. They saw the boat and the people who tried to come out of the sea, a lot of people. The policemen attacked them with stones and rubber projectiles. One person came out of the water with a lot of blood on their forehead. This person could barely walk, they were in a very bad condition. The police didn’t go into the sea in order to save or help them, they only stayed on the coast. And the three dead people who washed up on the beach, they moved them with their feet to Moroccan territory. I don’t know why they are acting like that!

w2eu: Europe says that they conform to Human Rights and democratic principles, they want to preserve their white hands. But we think that it is important to publish the truth and to stop these lies.
Haneefa: What they are saying in the press…..I don’t understand why they are acting like this. The people had arrived in Spain. The small boat was left empty in front of the spanish coast. All the people saw it.

w2eu: How many persons made it to the beach in Ceuta alive?

Haneefa: Many.

w2eu: More than 10?
Haneefa: More than 20, approximately 30.

w2eu: What kind of uniform were the spanish police wearing?

Haneefa: There were wearing the green uniform. There were three Guardia civiles with the green uniform on the beach, on the side of Spain. On the Moroccan side of the beach there were three Moroccan policemen. There are always policemen in this place. Its impossible to pass over there.

w2eu: On which day and at which time did all this happen?
Haneefa: The 6th of february, early in the morning around 8h/8h30 am. And it lasted for around three hours.

w2eu: What happened to the dead bodies on the beach?
Haneefa: A Moroccan ambulance took the bodies. I guess that they brought them to the hospital.

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