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A group of activists from Greece living in Berlin are organizing a solidarity demo this Saturday at 12 in front of the Greek embassy after the Farmakonisi tragedy which the Council of EU Human Rights Commissioner qualified as a „failed collective expulsion“.

This is the text of the facebook event:

Action regarding FARMAKONISI – No more dead refugees in the Aegean sea.

On Tuesday, 21st of January, in the territory of Farmakonisi Greece, a small island in the Aegean, 12 refugees from Afghanistan and Syria (with nine children amongst them) were drowned. According to the testimonies of the survivors (which were rescued due to the interference of Turkish boats) this is a crime that was committed from men of the Greek coastal guard, under the command of the Greek government and the support of the European Union. The survivors describe horrible and inexplicable pictures. Greece has been turned into a huge concentration camp and Europe refuses to open its gates to the victims of war and poverty, for whom is also responsible. THE ON-GOING MURDERS OF THE REFUGEES MUST STOP. The Dublin II Regulation, which imprisons thousands of people in the countries of the European South, must be reconsidered. The Greek authorities and the European Union MUST assume responsibility. We invite everyone to participate to the Solidarity demo we organize, on Saturday 1 February at 12.00 at the Greek Embassy. Since the incident has received very little publicity, OUR VOICE matters.

Refugee Solidarity Group

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