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The Triumph of Democracy and the Eclipse of the West
Ewan Harrison and Sara McLaughlin Mitchell
Palgrave Macmillan, December 2013
ISBN: 978-1-137-35386-3, ISBN10: 1-137-35386-4
5.500 x 8.500 inches, 284 pages, 1 figures
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His book explores the paradox of the worldwide spread of democracy and capitalism in an era of Western decline. The rest is overtaking the West as Samuel Huntington predicted, but because it is adopting Western institutions. The emerging global order offers unprecedented opportunities for the expansion of peace, prosperity, and freedom. Yet this is not the ‚end of history‘, but the beginning of a post-Western future for the democratic project. The major conflicts of the future will occur between the established democracies of the West and emerging democracies in the developing world as they seek the benefits and recognition associated with membership of the democratic community. This ‚clash of democratizations‘ will define world politics.

About the Author(s)

By Ewan Harrison and Sara McLaughlin Mitchell

Ewan Harrison is Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Political Science at Rutgers University, USA. He is author of The Post-Cold War International System: Strategies, Institutions and Reflexivity (2004) and co-editor of Rethinking Realism in International Relations (2009). He completed his PhD at the University of Bristol in 1999, and was Hedley Bull Junior Research Fellow at St Anne’s College, Oxford 2001-2004.

Sara McLaughlin Mitchell is Professor of Political Science and Collegiate Scholar at the University of Iowa, USA. She is co-author with Emilia Justyna Powell of Domestic Law Goes Global (2011), and with John A. Vasquez of Conflict, War, and Peace (2013). She is also co-editor of Guide to the Scientific Study of International Processes (2012). She is associate editor of Foreign Policy Analysis, and co-founder of the Journeys in World Politics mentoring workshop for women in international relations.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgements
1. Introduction: The Arab Spring in Global Perspective
World Politics Twenty-Five Years After History ‚Ended‘
A Return to Grand Theory in the Study of World Politics


2. The Arab Spring and Democratic Socialization: Transnational Influences
Democratic Socialization in World Politics
The Arab Spring and Transnational Democratization
Economic Modernization
Moderate Religious Movements
Communications Technology

3. The Arab Spring and Democratic Socialization: International Influences
The Arab Spring and International Democratization
Prospects for Democracy in the Middle East


4. The Worldwide Crisis of Authoritarianism
Modernization and the Growth of the Global Middle Class
Low-grade Authoritarianism
High-grade Authoritarianism
Extremism and Diversionary Tactics

5. The Expansion of the Global Democratic Community
Emerging Democracies in World Politics
The Spread of Democracy in the non-Western World
A Fourth Wave of Democratization
The Developing World’s ‚Second Struggle for Independence‘


6. A Post-Western Democratic Order
The Convergence of Civilizations
Overtaking the West: The Role of Institutions
The World the West Made: ‚Everyone’s World‘

7. Global Democratic Futures: The Clash of Democratizations
Inter-Democratic Conflict in World Politics
The Politics of Global Democratization
Reforming Global Governance: The ‚Reverse Colonization‘ of International Society

8. Conclusions: A Global Spring



Figure 1.0 Proportion of Democratic States in the International System

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