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Die Mitgründerin des Refugee-Solidarity-Movement ist in Kairo verhaftet und zu 3 Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt worden. Sie braucht dringend internationale Solidarität.

“ Mahienour El Massry is a unique, lovely, smart friend who combines professionalism with humanity and solidarity in her tireless struggle for a better Egypt. I met her while covering the tragedy of Syrian refugees who had survived the sinking of their escape-vessel in the Mediterranean, but lost many loved ones and as a consequence of attempting to leave Egypt illegally, were detained in police stations in Alexandria. Mahienour was instrumental in pressuring for their release“
Cecilia Udden
Bureau Chief – Swedish Broadcasting – Middle East

ماهينور المصري ، عضوة في حركة الاشتراكيين الثوريين في إسكندرية ، مناضلة من طراز فريد .. مؤمنة بالثورة وبحق الناس في حياة كريمة … لا تترك مظلوما أو مضطهدا إلا وتقف بجانبه سواء كان معتقل سياسي أو لاجئ أو مضطهد لأسباب دينية أو عرقية … ماهينور تعني أجدع بنت في إسكندرية … تعني الثورة … تعني الكفاح ضد الظلم والاستغلال .. ماهينور تعني النضال لأجل الحق والخير والعدل والجمال … ماهينور تعني النور الذي يشرق على حياتنا كل يوم ليحمل أمال انتصار الإنسانية على أعدائها
طاهر مختار
رئيس الفريق الطبي – حركة التضامن مع اللاجئين

„A person who devoted her life for people seeking a better life for them, her own dreams are concerned about others, a person who rebelled against Mubarak regime, the Military Council and the Muslim Brothers, this person is Mahienour El-Massry who’s sentenced 2 years in jail….“
Eman Mansour
Egyptian Lawyer

„Mahienour is a dedicated human rights lawyer and activist. She’s been working tirelessly on advocating human rights, including the basic right to protest. She’s got all my admiration, solidarity, respect, and support.“
Mariam Kirollos
Human Rights Activists & Researcher

ماهينور المصري من القلائل الذين عندما ابحث عن مواقفهم واكتشف تماثل مواقفنا اضمن انني على طريق الحق ماهينور بالنسبة لى تشبه ثورتنا في طهرها و شجاعتهاوصدقها وجنونها وادراكها ونفس الذبن يحاولون حبس ماهينور الان هم الذين يحاولون من منذ 3 سنين اجهاض ثورتنا و التى ستكتمل بنا او بدماءنا او بأجيال من الفتيان و الفتيات لن يستسلموا
نوارة مراد
فنانة و مخرجة مصرية

„Of all people engaged in Egyptian politics, Mahienour el Masry is quite simply the person I respect the most. Nor is she arrogant, overheated, violent or extravagant. Her amazing strength is to seamlessly and gracefully hold her ground wherever she has the right and duty to do so. Naturally, her quiet and legitimate determination would be unbearable to any police state, always cautious to put this very spirit behind bars. By watching Mahienour’s case unfold, I understand who exactly are my rulers and my judges. Any court punishing Mahienour el Masry for her actions would obviously be serving the interests of a police State, and would be violating the rule and spirit of the law.“
Aalam Wassef
Egyptian Visual Artists

„Mahienour, although very busy, and well known, yet she is very very humble, she finds time to help anyone who is in need. She always manages to fill herself with positive energy, and the ones around her. She is a very active member in the society as a lawyer, writer, and a seeker of the truth. No matter how different her thoughts is, but she inspires me. She is one of the bravest people I have even known.“
Mahmoud Mansy
Egyptian Writer & Novelist

في الوقت اللي كان الإعلام فية بيخون اخوتنا السوريين و بيعتقلهم و بيعتدي عليهم وقفت ماهينور مع المعتقلين السوريين و كشفت انتهاكات الشرطة. دلوقتي اتحكم عليها بسنتين سجن علشان لسة فاكرة خالد سعيد, القضية اللي فجرت ثورة يناير و كشفت فساد الشرطة و تعذيبها…الحرية لماهينور و كل المعتقلين
صالح محمد
مؤسس حركة أزر

„Mahienour el-Massry is an amazing young woman and a brave revolutionary. She played a huge and heroic role in the revolution that overthrew Mubarak and she continues to struggle for the rights of the people.“
John Molyneux
Member of SWP Ireland, and International Socialist Tendency

„Strong women .. strong feelings and attitudes .. .. Prove that the victor is always right .. we stood together in the plight of the imprisonment of the Syrians“
Safiyah Serry
Journalist & Human Rights Activist

لو كنت نزلت أى مظاهرة فى إسكندرية، عملت إضراب أو إعتصام فى شركتك، أو ليك حد إتجرجر ظلم لقسم بوليس، أكيد هتكون عارفها، لإنها الشخصية الوحيدة اللى مش بتتأخر عن دعم أى إنسان محتاج لها، البنت الجدعة دى إتحكم عليها مؤخراً بالسجن سنتين، لإنها من القليلين اللى قرروا يتحدوا قانون التظاهر بوقفة لخالد سعيد قدام محاكمة القتلة، لو إنت حاسس بالقهر والعجز زيى، يبقى مش محتاج غير إنك تفتكر إبتسامتها القوية المتحدية، يمكن وقتها نقدر نقولها ونهزم سجانها.. „كلنا ماهينور المصرى“.
عليا تيمراز
صحافية مصرية

„Revolutionary socialist and lawyer Mahienour El-Massry is more than a sister to me, she is a fearless and altruistic individual always putting people’s lives before her own, fighting against oppression and the seeping corruption of our state. she can be always seen in the forefront of any protest, chanting with all her might. The jury’s decision to sentence her for two years for showing solidarity during Khaled Said’s trial is downright unacceptable and repugnant. It is also reflective of the state’s inherent will to silence any opposition of any kind and kill the demands of the revolution. Mahienour shall not be placed behind bars, and if that happens, we shall not be be silenced about it! Freedom for Mahienour and all detainees.“
Magda Magdy,
Egyptian Artist & Film-Maker

„I’ve only met Mahy twice. But it doesn’t take twice to fall in love with her spirit, soul, character. Something about this person captures you instantaneously. Something I don’t need to explain as anyone who has heard about her or talked to her or worked with her in any context knows and knows very well. There are many beautiful and charming inspirations around us. None as positive and funny. As driven and all over the place. As smily and easy going and tough as this woman. Mahy, your energy will always trouble them, whether you are in or out. Little do they know. Stay put darling.“
Farah Salka
Lebanese Human Rights Activist & Researcher

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