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Rückblick: Manche Mächtige sind gefallen, aber die Regimes konnten sich bislang halten. Kritik an den herrschenden Einschätzungen zur Arabellion. Die Situation in den arabischen Ländern bleibt – nach Gresh – revolutionär.

„Three years later: Was it a revolution?

Scepticism and disappointment have regained the upper hand after the popular uprising in 2011.

Alain Gresh

Alain Gresh is deputy director of Le Monde diplomatique and a specialist on the Middle East.

Three years ago – to the surprise of both Arab intellectuals in their ivory towers and Western experts expounding on the passivity of the Arab masses and their lack of desire for change and democracy – the Egyptian people, followed the Tunisians by taking to the streets. In a fortnight, they brought to an end a dictatorship that had seemed unshakable. The peaceful nature of the changes, which had its martyrs but no large-scale massacres, astonished the world. […]“

via Three years later: Was it a revolution? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

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