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Italy-Libya underwater electricity link could help end power cut misery

By Ahmed Elumami

As part of plans to bring an end to electricity outages, Libya is looking to lay an underwater electricity cable to Sicily and link up with the Italian national grid.

Announcing the news yesterday, the Electricity Minister, Ali Maihriq, did not divulge further details. The idea of a trans-Mediterranean underwater electricity cable was first mentioned by Deputy Prime Minister Awad Al-Barasi at the Italy-Libya economic forum in January this year, where Barasi called also upon Italian companies to invest in renewable energy projects in Libya.

“Electricity in Libya has promising future,” Maihriq said, citing progress with new power plants.

Work on the Khalij site, east of Sirte, was ongoing, he said, adding that the plant was expected to start generating power in June 2014. Work had also been resumed at the West Tripoli station in Janzour, Maihriq said, which has the capacity to produce 1,400 megawatts.

To help address more immediate needs, four mobile generation units are being installed in Tripoli and Zawia which, he said, would add 550 megawatts to the network by January.

Longer term plans include a new a plant at Khoms. With the contract now signed, he said, plans are underway for construction to start in seven months.

By the end of 2014 these projects, Maihriq said, should see Libya with a surplus, rather than a shortage, of electricity.

via Italy-Libya underwater electricity link could help end power cut misery | Libya Herald

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