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on the work of the Task Force Mediterranean


„[…] 1.3 Given the very unstable security and political situation and the limited institutional and administrative capacities, Libya is currently unable to counter the activities of the smugglers and traffickers. […]“

„1.7 The Seahorse Mediterranean network between EU Mediterranean Member States and North African countries will be established by 2015, following a public tender to be carried out in 2014. This network will allow the participating states to directly exchange factual information on incidents and patrols with each other in near-real time via satellite communication. On-going efforts should be reinforced to convince all other relevant countries, in North Africa (namely Tunisia, lgeria and Egypt) to participate in this network“

„1.8 The possible involvement of countries of departure in maritime surveillance operations should be discussed, within the Frontex and EUROSUR legal framework. This action should be complemented with dialogues and assistance aimed at encouraging and strengthening the capacities of the third countries to:
(1) combat, at the point of origin, the networks smuggling human beings, and thus prevent immigrants from being endangered by the smugglers;
(2) improve control of their land borders and coastlines;
(3) establish mechanisms enabling the safe return of irregular migrants to the nearest and safest departure point. Whenever feasible and appropriate7, the operational experiences gained by some Member States on joint patrolling in third countries’ territorial seas should be replicated.“

„2.2 Member States are encouraged to increase their current commitment on resettlement as a long-term solution that contributes to preventing and addressing protracted refugee situations. In 2012, 4.930 persons were resettled to the Union by twelve Member States“



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