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No Borders Morocco has started and can use support.

No Border Morocco is an initiative of European No Border activists to support migrants who try to get from northern Morocco to southern Spain. They do this by building safe houses for women, by providing medical assistance (after police raids), and by giving interest-free loans so that people can make money on the black market. Especially money is welcome. See the bank account – under here – where you can donate.

A bank account has been created, and the people here in the house want to use it to receive donations from Europe to help pay the rent and other expenses, because making money on the street is an unstable business, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but the rent still has to be payed every month. They would like to have a call out at the blog for donations for this and if people would spread the word.
The account number is: 011640000027496000323032, the bank is BMCE Bank, the Swift Code is BMCEMAMC and it is in the name Kamille Boye Backhausen in Tangiers, Morocco.
Are you coming to Tangier? Useful things to bring:
• Books: any books in English, German, Spanish or French.
• Dictionaries.
• Books on how to make hand craft yourself.
• Paint
• Musical instruments, any kind, as many as possible
• Bord games
• If you have a spare laptop, that would be cool as well!
• Food: Veggie milk seems impossible to find. And if you are (like some of us) addicted to dark chocolate, better bring a lot, because it is really difficult to find, and really expensive.
• Money! Morocco is different to Europe in many ways, and living for free here is not an option. Skipping and shoplifting doesn’t work! Money is a really big issue for most people here, and even though they probably will give you food and accommodation for free, please bring whatever money you can contribute with. On the positive side everything is really cheap here compared to Europe.

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