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An open letter to the court signed by occupants from Sudan, Chad, Somalia,
Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Albania and from countries
across Europe :

"If there was a place for new migrants to stay it would give people a
better chance for a better future. In Calais there is no-where for
migrants to sleep.

If we are kicked out of this house out we have no-where to go. We are
without family in Calais and do not have other places to stay.

This house gives us a chance for people from different countries and
different cultures to stay in one place together off of the street.

If we are given a chance we want to live together with people in Europe.

All people living in this house have run away from problems in different
countries. We did not leave our country for nothing.

And this is the only home we have now.

If you can help us, give us more time, more space and more chance.

The people living here do not have any money, and it is not life here.

No money to rent a house. And we cannot rent anywhere without papers.

This is the only place we can stay.

We live in a little hole right now. We are like mice running from cats.
Don't close this hole.

We thought Europe would be a paradise, but don't change paradise to hell.

It can be a long day in Calais. There is too much cold outside and inside
the house. The weather is difficult and there is no-where to put our head.
We sleep on the floor, underground and aboveground.

And inside us we have too much problems.

Here there is water, a toilet but no shower. Before there was electricity
but now we use candles at night.

We buy a can of tomatoes for 250g and cook it with pasta or rice to make
food for everyone everyday. But it is not enough. There is not coffee or
tea or sugar for the people. Only water.

We live our lives in a queue, everywhere. For food, for shower, for
toilet, for prefecture, for everything.

France is a big country and has a history that says they know human rights
for people from Third World countries. Where are the human rights?

We want people from France to care about us and about our problems and
help find a solution for our life and troubles.

And to give us emotions and happiness for our lives.

People can fall into crime if you don't care about us.

If people do not give a hand to us we will fall deeper into problems.

We are all people. Everyone should have a good life and a chance in life.

Our life is not over but it is not easy. We tried to leave problems and we
find more problems. There is no justice.

We need people to open a new gate for a a new family in Europe."

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