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Migration Agreements between Italy and North Africa: Domestic Imperatives versus International Norms

By Emanuela Paoletti | Dec 19, 2012

„The upheavals which spread across North Africa in 2011 changed the political map of the region. With the downfall of longstanding rulers, the European Union has sought to re-launch a policy dialogue informed by an awareness of human rights issues and to support the process of democratic transition in its Mediterranean neighbors. In this context, dialogue with third countries on migration unearths deep-seated contradictions in the EU’s normative agenda and its aspirations towards neighboring countries.[1] The analysis of migration policies in the wake of the so-called Arab Spring offers an insightful case study on the multifaceted nature of the contending priorities and motivation of the European normative stance vis-à-vis the North African countries. In this short analysis, I consider the Italian bilateral agreements on the issue of migration co-signed with Tunisia, Libya and Egypt in 2011 and 2012.“

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Migration Agreements between Italy and North Africa


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