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Marrakech: Clashes and violence in a protest against the high cost of electricity
Saturday, December 29th 2012
Clashes broke out on Friday December 28 in the afternoon, when a protest against the billing rates of the local water and electricity company, RADEEMA, turned violent between a large number of youths and police who responded in strength.
The district of  Sidi Youssef Ben Ali was surrounded by security forces, throwing a large  quantity of stones over the heads of the police coming from the front and terraces of the houses surrounding the Boulevard of schools in the district.
Media sources reported that more than sixty injured, on-site were identified some seriously among the police.
Police squads baton  charged groups of protesters . They surrounded the insurgents to avoid them fleeing to other neighbourhoods, using tear gas and water trucks .

Demonstrators managed to get into a nearby high school and the students, who were forced to leave their classes classrooms, causing the numbers outside to swell .
The news caused terror amongst the parents of students who flocked in numbers to 10 schools in the district to withdraw their children from the macabre events.
Calm returned in the early evening, and the police after identifying the leaders of  the disorders raided many houses where they were hiddenand imprisoned  thirty individuals  the Ministry of the Interior announced.
Nonviolent protests occured again later in the evening,  at around 22.00 hoursrs in the neighborhood Daoudiate Palestine boulevard where hundreds of men, women and children chanting and singing against RADEEMA voiced  their support to the protesters in Sidi Youssef Ben Ali .

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