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Syrian refugees ‚turned back from Greek border by police‘

Asylum seekers crossing from Turkey say they have been illegally deported by Greek police or blocked from entering

• Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi in Edirne and Athens
guardian.co.uk, Friday 7 December 2012 18.26 GMT

UN general secretary Ban Ki-Moon talks to refugees during a visit to the Islahiye Syrian refugee camp in Gaziantep, Turkey.
On the edge of Europe, where the river Evros meanders towards the Aegean sea, a new tragedy involving two of the world’s most troubled peoples is unfolding.

On one side of the river border are gathered clusters of Syrian refugees, desperate to escape the misery of war and put the Turkish camps behind them. But beyond the perilous currents lies Greece, a nation so economically bereft it has little time or resources for them.

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In den letzten 3 Monaten sind 400 subsaharische Flüchtlinge aus Marokko bei Gibraltar nach Andalusien übergesetzt. Nach Polizei- und Abschiebehaft werden sie mit einer Ausreiseaufforderung freigelassen.