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More deaths in the Mediterranean Sea (with a perfect timing)

About 100 migrants were found on a small boat off the Lampedusian shore, 7 of them already dead. During the transfer towards Lampedusa other 22 people froze to death. While the 20 people alive have been brought to Lampedusa’s reception centre, the 29 corpses have been brought to the old airport. The climatic conditions were prohibitive for any boat, and it seems quite odd that these people decided to tempt the journey anyways.

Just like after October 3rd 2013, the unanimous chorus of European politicians (NATO and U.S. servants) blames the end of the mission Mare Nostrum for the massacre. Just like after October 3rd 2013, nobody talks about the reasons why these people decided to leave their countries, why European States continue producing weapons, why there are 10 radars in Lampedusa provoking tumors to its inhabitants, why UE and NATO keep making these kind of migration policies (behind U.S.’s push). We won’t hear a word about all this.

Let’s see what happened:


  • February 6th 2015: the Red Cross gives a medal to the Lampedusians for being welcoming to the newcomers
    Actually such medal is only useful to the Red Cross that aims to have a role in the management of the new reception centre. Ironically, among the Lampedusian members of the Red Cross there are those who participated in the beating of the Tunisians after the reception centre’s blaze, back in 2011.
  • February 8th 2015: the trucks of the Navy Battaglione San Marco arrives in Lampedusa to carry away the last pieces of Mare Nostrum
  • February 9th 2015: about 100 migrants are found on a small boat off the Lampedusian shore, 7 of them already dead. During the transfer towards Lampedusa other 22 people freeze to death. While the 20 people alive are in the Lampedusa’s reception centre, the 29 corpses are now in the old airport.
  • February 10th 2015: Laura Boldrini (President of the Chamber of the Deputies): “the end of Mare Nostrum provokes death”.
    Giusi Nicolini (Mayor of Lampedusa): “this is the proof that operation Triton is not Mare Nostrum, we did steps back”

Nobody talks about the reasons why these people flee their home countries or about the UE Foreign Policy. Everybody seems to regret the Navy’s boats and the public opinion is convinced that the only solution is the return of Mare Nostrum.

Just like after October 3rd 2013, one more time the choice is to militarize: more business for the military industry and a strategic position in the Mediterrenean Sea.
Lampedusa can be a lighthouse in the Mediterrenean just if we begin talking about these topics. Otherwise it will just keep being an important military strategic hub, in check of the NATO and the U.S. and functional to the Imperialistic strategies of death and war.

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  • 6 febbraio: medaglia da parte della Croce Rossa ai Lampedusani per l’accoglienza etc etc …
    In realtà questa medaglia serve solo alla Croce Rossa che probabilmente vorrebbe entrare nella gestione del centro. Noi Lampedusani non abbiamo scuole, ospedale, paghiamo la benzina più cara d’Europa, paghiamo la bolletta elettrica carissima, etc etc etc Tra i crocerossini lampedusani anche persone che avevano partecipato a settembre 2011 al pestaggio dei tunisini dopo il rogo del centro di “accoglienza”
  • 8 febbraio: a Lampedusa scendevano i camion della Marina battaglione san Marco che portava via pezzi dell operazione Mare Nostrum
  • 9 febbraio: una piccola imbarcazione al largo di Lampedusa c.a. 100 persone quasi tutti assiderati, 7 già morti, nel trasferimento verso l isola di Lampedusa altri 22 sono giunti morti assiderati. Anche gli altri 20 vivi sono stati portati a Lampedusa nel centro di accoglienza. I 29 morti sono all’ aeroporto vecchio.
  • 10 febbraio:
    Laura Boldrini “fine Mare Nostrum provoca morti”
    Giusi Nicolini, sindaco di Lampedusa, commentando la morte dei profughi. “E’ la prova che Triton non è Mare Nostrum – dice ancora il sindaco – Siamo tornati indietro”.

Nessuno parla delle cause per cui scappano queste persone, nessuno parla della politica estera dell’Unione Europea, tutti a  rimpiangere le navi della Marina Militare.

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