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Yesterday, in Calais, the demontration for the support of migrants ans asylum seekers ended with installation in a new squat – an abandoned factory, after the police raid on 2 July that struck 600 foreigners, over 200 of which were in detention.
The militant.es who defend them suggest your organization to sign the release (attached) in hope that the level of support will prevent a police intervention against the squat.
Because the tense situation on the place (a device police standby around), your signature is expected very fast (the text should be made public as early as this afternoon).
Thanks in advance and best regards

The release being in French, you can read below a fast (and bad) google translation in english:

Squatting for survive

At Calais, the 07/12/2014, the occupation of an inhabited building for more than 48 hours was released at the end of the demonstration in support of migrants ans asylum seekers. To denounce the raid more than 600 people and the destruction of their living place on July 2 this march was aimed.

How else but occupy empty buildings, while for years, French governments are struggling to dislodge the migrants of all places where they try to survive?

In Calais, in the north-west of France and more broadly across the country, supports scrambling to find trailers, tarps, pallets, which house these foreign and alien to those looking for protection in Europe.

In Calais, supports were first legally rented houses to be able to accommodate exilé.es, be it that day. But their hosting capabilities were insufficient and, especially, the prefecture has always made sure to evacuate.

Matter of survival, so he took good care of public buildings, factories, workshops deserted. All were systematically and violently emptied by the police (often outside any legal framework), as were systematically destroyed tents and huts hidden in nature.

Not only this persecution violates the universal right to accommodation, but it violates the obligations of the state for the reception of asylum seekers.

Governments must respect the rights and dignity of migrants and take their obligations to them.

This is because they refuse to do a new squat was opened in Calais at No. 10 the impasse des Salines.

We support this initiative because, under current conditions, it is the only solution for the exiles can at least stay away from the rain and wind, and thus save some of their status as human beings.

This squat is not an ideal solution, it is a default option for responding to humanitarian emergencies. But we must, as soon as possible to go beyond emergency. The administration must devise tailored hosting solutions. It must consider the termination or revision of the Franco-British Treaty of Le Touquet and pushing, at European level, the modification of the Dublin Regulation III. As for treatment only officer of the situation, the State must give it up.

We call on the people of Calais and elsewhere and personalities (artists, politicians, academics …) to support those who take shelter at 10 impasse des Salines, Calais, speaking publicly and / or from participating in the life and animation of this place.

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