11. Juli 2014 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Bulgarien: Situation Flüchtlinge – Bericht (engl.) · Kategorien: Bulgarien, Hintergrund

“Trapped in Europe’s Quagmire: The situation of asylum seekers and refugees in Bulgaria” is Bordermonitoring’s latest report on Bulgaria. The making of the report was undertaken by four independent researchers and follows structural conditions in the country which place asylum-seekers and refugees in an extremely vulnerable position as well as their current precarious situation.
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11. Juli 2014 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Griechenland: „Migration in Greece“ (Studie, RSL) · Kategorien: Griechenland, Hintergrund

Vassilis Papastergiou, Eleni Takou


Migration In Greece

Eleven Myths And Even More Truths. Publication of the RLS Office in Greece.

Are there too many immigrants living in Greece so that there is no more room for others? Are they „illegal immigrants“? Is the law on citizenship an „illegal immigrants“ magnet? Are foreigners, although we treat them in the best possible way, time bombs that threaten public health? Do they take our jobs and threaten our lives and properties? Albanians have integrated; are Pakistanis a different story? Is racist violence limited to a few isolated incidents? Did our own fathers emigrate legally?

We have repeatedly heard this and much more in the form of statements and not questions. But as deeply as they might be embedded in the public opinion, the above stereotypes prove to be tenuous: a level-headed review shows that not only they are dangerous (as they are often associated with extreme right-wing schools of thought), but they also do not correspond with the truth.

For at least twenty years, the migration issue in Greece is an issue which has been permanently coming to the forefront in different guises, taking up a central spot in public discussions. Those discussions are mostly dominated by distorted notions, while true facts are obscured, as migration is an issue that is instrumentalised by politics and exploited by the media. The actions of the main representatives of mass media and systematic interventions by the extreme right have led to the creation of social myths and at times even of situations of “moral panic”, which makes it more and more difficult to comprehend the phenomenon’s complexity and of course address it in a sober manner.

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Donna siriana respinta perde il figlio: „Ci hanno chiusi in una stanza, la mia bambina è sulla coscienza della Svizzera“

Parla il marito della donna incinta respinta alla frontiera: „Ci hanno detto ’Fate silenzio e non rompete le scatole’“
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Calais, l’impasse

EELV, le PCF et le PG, ainsi que de nombreuses associations, collectifs, engagés dans le soutien aux migrants, adressent une lettre ouverte à Manuel Valls et Bernard Cazeneuve sur la situation migratoire à Calais et aux environs, ainsi que sur le littoral de la Manche et de la Mer du Nord. Leur constat: « Rien n’a changé en matière de politique migratoire » depuis l’élection de François Hollande.
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