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Government decides on ten-day deadline for oil protestors

By Ahmed Elumami

Prime minister Ali Zeidan today said that the government would be giving a ten-day deadline to protestors at the country’s oil export terminals to leave.

The decision came after the Crisis Committee of the General National Congress (GNC) had empowered the government to take action, said Zeidan, speaking at today’s press conference.

If the protestors did not comply, Zeidan said, the government would use its “powers and procedures,” to put an end to the strikes. He did not enlarge on what these powers or procedures might involve.

The protests, particularly in the ‘Oil Crescent’, the area stretching from Sirte to Tobruk, had reduced the country’s oil exports to around 40 percent, he said, pointing out that if this continued, the government would face problems paying salaries.

He added that further problems could await. Italy is a key hydrocarbon market, Zeidan said, importing between 23 and 25 percent of its needs from Libya. If the protests left Italy with a shortage of gas, it would be “a disaster in the history of Libya and Italy,” he said, adding that this may make Italy look for another supplier.

He called on the country’s support over the oil crisis. “Women, children, men and even old people should support the government and go to the oil ports and terminals to liberate them from the criminals and protects their only sustenance,” said Zeidan.

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