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„[…] The strongest language came from Turkey, whose government has been a firm supporter of the Egyptian Brotherhood. It urged the UN security council and the Arab League to act quickly to stop a „massacre“. Iran warned of the risk of civil war. Rachid Ghannouchi, president of Tunisia’s governing moderate Islamist party Ennahda, called the crackdown an „abject crime“. He expressed solidarity with the pro-Morsi backers‘ bid to „recover their freedom and oppose the coup d’etat“.

Analysts said that the response from Washington fitted a pattern of weak statements that had allowed the Egyptian military to act with impunity. „[The] US had several chances to demonstrate [that] its threats to suspend aid were credible, but each time backed down,“ tweeted the Brookings Institution expert Shadi Hamid. „That policy has a price.“ Hamid also told al-Jazeera TV: „Clearing all the sit-ins without addressing fundamental political issues won’t stop the clashes.“Marc Lynch commented in Foreign Policy: „It’s time for Washington to stop pretending. Its efforts to maintain its lines of communication with the Egyptian military, quietly mediate the crisis and help lay the groundwork for some new, democratic political process have utterly failed. Egypt’s new military regime, and a sizable and vocal portion of the Egyptian population, have made it very clear that they just want the United States to leave it alone.For once, Washington should give them their wish. As long as Egypt remains on its current path, the Obama administration should suspend all aid, keep the embassy in Cairo closed, and refrain from treating the military regime as a legitimate government.““

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