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Latest news from Choucha


On Monday the Advisor of the Minister of Social Affairs visited the Camp. He explained, that the rejected cases as well as the refugees that are left without resettlement, should get fingerprinted.

He also clarified, that the responsabilities for the two groups are differently, as the UNHCR is responsable for the accepted refugees and the rejected are supposedly without anyone responsable for them. This was a preparation visit for the visit of the Minister of Social Affairs, Khalil Zawi, itself, who came to the camp on yesterdays Tuesday. To this event the refugees of Choucha Camp hold a protest. With several banners they were protesting against local integration and the fingerprinting.

We can only guess for which pupose the fingerprinting of the remaining refugees should serve. If some of them reach Europe by the Mediterranean, these fingerprints might be useful for the European countries to deport the persons back to Tunisia. The fact, that the fingerprinting is now carried out by the Tunisian government, might be a hint to the collaboration between the Tunisian government and the European Union. Instead of already calculating witht he refugees and rejected asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean, the authorities should instead create durable solutions for these persons! The sit-in in front of the UNHCR in Tunis continues.

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