12. April 2013 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Nord-Mali: Empfehlungen der ICG (International Crisis Group), 11.04.2013 · Kategorien: Mali · Tags: ,

„[…] A focus on terrorism alone also risks distracting from the north’s real problems. The roots of the crisis lie much more in corruption and bad governance than they do in the terrorist threat, the Tuareg issue or even the north-south divide. […] The most important and immediate challenge for regional organisations and the UN is to align their positions on the political process. First, they must convince the MNLA that its interests are best served by renouncing its armed struggle and discussing how its representatives and supporters can participate in a dialogue on the north’s real problems. Secondly, they should persuade Bamako that it should not impose so many pre-conditions on talks – such as, for instance, requiring the MNLA to immediately disarm – that it closes the door to dialogue, or even discrete contacts, with MNLA representatives.[…]“

ICG (International Crisis Group): Mali: Security, Dialogue and Meaningful Reform. Africa Report N°201 11 Apr 2013


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