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Dear friends,

As many of you already know, the WSF will take place in Tunis from the 26th to the 30th of March.

A  lot  of  networks  and  organisations  who  are  engaged  on  migration  issues  have  already  planned Workshops where initiatives and campaigns on various specific themes will be presented and discussed, as for example the right to the freedom of movement, universal citizenship, the right to have rights on the part of migrants, etc…

However, we consider that the brutal aggression and the war declared against migrants by the States requires in an imperative way that all organisations engaged in this conflict, work for the construction of a greater committment, points of convergence and unity of action. This is necessary in order that our struggle and demands may have a greater effect and echo in the public opinion.

It is in this spirit that we are launching the proposal for an Assembly on Migration at the FSM 2013, to achieve a convergence of views among us (appeal enclosed).

We hope you will partecipate and adhere to our proposal!


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