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We are asylum seekers trying to get in touch with more people in the same struggle (like the protest of asylum seekers in germany, the hungerstrikes in diferent european countries such as finnland, poland, uk, protest tents in netherlands, and further actions refering to the situation of aszlum seekers … –  a lot has been happening but usually there are no contacts between the activities in the countries).

We need urgent help with finding contacts outside of Germany, who are involved in refugee and asylum issues such as active asylum seekers, paperless and immigrants as well as independent non-refugee-activists. Communication can happen by giving us their contact via email or making a communication bridge between your personal contacts and us by forwarding this email with some description that you can give them from us and in the end, ask them to urgently contact us themselves. It is very important for us to have these contacts very soon, because we started working already and want to make it the best way possible.

So what you can do:

send this mail to everyone, also mailing lists, who would be interested in transnational coordination of this struggle and ask them to get in touch with us. we ll be happy to meet with them/ talk further via mail or phone. send us your mail adress/ contact infos yourself if you are interested in coordination work. if possible, add the place you are living with (country or town/citz is enough). translate this mail in further languages or ask us for translation if needed for contacts you might have.

if you got this email it does probably mean you are on a referential emailing list but we will not write you any further if that is any problem.

e-mail to: refugeeresistance@riseup.net

Wir brauchen dringend Hilfe beim Finden von Kontakten ausserhalb von deutschland, die im Bereich Flucht und Asyl aktiv sind. Etwa aktive Asylsuchende, Papierlose und Migrant_Innen sowie unabhängige nicht-geflüchtete Aktivist_Innen. Die Kommunikation könnte beginnen, indem ihr uns Kontaktdaten schickt oder indem ihr den Kontakt zwischen uns und eurem Kontakt herstellt, also diese E-Mail weiterleitet und auch beschreibt von wem ihr diese habt, mit der Bitte uns möglichst schnell zu kontaktieren. Wenn ihr aber Menschen in deutschland kennt die solche Kontakte haben, bitte kontaktiert sie ohne unsere Namen zu erwähnen. Das ist auf Grund unserer Sicherheit als geflüchtete Aktivisten. Es ist sehr wichtig für uns diese Kontakte schnell zu haben, denn wir haben schon begonnen zu arbeiten und wollen es bestmöglich weiterführen. Danke für eure Solidarität


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