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Manifestation pacifique de soutien aux réfugiés soudanais en Egypte

Collectif urgence Darfour, 12 novembre 2012

Les réfugiés soudanais en Egypte organisent aujourd’hui 12 novembre 2012, une manifestation pacifique devant le Ministère des Affaires étrangères et le siège du Haut Commissariat des Nations unies pour les réfugiés (UNHCR).

Ci-dessous leurs revendications, notamment la libération de réfugiés arrêtés et emprisonnés par les autorités égyptiennes et l’interruption des arrestations intempestives.

They demanded :

Calling to Release of Abo AlQasim Ibrahim AlHaj who are imprisoned in Qanater prison since 8. January 2010 Ptil now.
Calling of Cases of a missing refugees in mysterious circumstances; persistence of arrests by Egyptian security.
Abubakar Ibrahim Abdullah Adam; living in Cairo; unknown place since 11/4/2012.
Omar Mohammed Omar Mohammed. Was arrested in Cairo from 11/03/2012.
Calling to total Solving the cases of former imprisoned. Their situations are still badly, security , living conditions , health because of the torture they suffered in prison, and there is no care from UNHCR :
Adam Yahya Abdullah Hawally
Mohammed Abdel-Rahman
Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud
Suleiman Mohamed Hass
Calling Justice for who kling in the security Centers and prison, and the perpetrators should be tried
Isaac Mattr
Mubarak Yacob
Jimmy John
Atef Adriano
Diseases rampant among the refugees and has lost care;. Neglect. bad deiling from UNHCR Commission , and bad treatment For patients from Caritaz organization. theft and trade in human organs.
The total Live of refugees are too bad; some are use to work in the some rich Egyptions house , but their women subjected to sexual harassment and denial of their wage.
Security breakdown and threat of Baltagia Gangs Against the refugees. also there alot of Sudanese security in light of the relations between the Islamic govement in Egypt and the Islamic Sudanese regime. for That there are some refugees sleeping in front of the UNHCR office in the open-demonstration because from 6 months , their lives are in danger; and some they do not have to rent house.

Mr. Moniem Suliman

SCCsd Chairperson

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