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From 19/11 a big struggel and hunger strike (24/11) of Syrian Refugees started in the center of Athens infront of the Greek Parlement demanding asylum in EU and protection in general (housing, medical care ext).

The last few days we created a solidarity assembly and movement to support them and becuase they demond a very important thing which is the right to freedom of movment and the responsibality of EU to protact at least the war refugees so I think its important issue. Most of the syrians they dont want to stay in Greece as first Eu country and they dont want to aplly for asylum here so they are in very bad condition mostly homeless in the parks and squires, and  there should be another solution for them, in Greece you if dont have asylum or if you dont aplly for asylum you will not have any right to anything.

I think its very important to put the issue of W2, W3 and all these european migration policy in dubt and press for some more european solution for the issue. If you just think that only in october 2014 almost 5000 refugees arrived in Greece (mostly Syrians and then afghans) and almost 95% of them will not be able to move as they wish to the rest of Europe you can imigane how much siriuse is the problem here in Greece.

We need the support of the european movement, in anyway you can and its posiable, even a solidary statement is also important!

Here I can send you some links about the issue 1 2 3 4 5

And here is our Facebook page

Our e-mail is syrianrefugeesgr@gmail.com

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