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Europe’s Migration Emergency


Record numbers of migrants are risking perilous crossings by sea to reach Europe’s borders. At least 23,000 have died attempting to make it to Europe since the year 2000, and more are dying every week. A new report from Amnesty International puts the blame squarely on “Fortress Europe” migration policies. […]

There are signs that the new E.U. leadership intends to create a more united approach to migration. Italy is leveraging its new position as rotating president of the European Council to demand that the European border control agency Frontex take over the Mare Nostrum rescue operation, which currently costs €9 million a month. And Jean-Claude Juncker, the new president of the European Commission, is considering adding a new commissioner dedicated to migration.

For this new approach to work, the E.U. must shift its focus to human rights. Coordinated marine search-and-rescue efforts will save more lives, but the E.U. should also create legal avenues for refugees to reach Europe, increase financial assistance to transit countries and refocus Frontex’s mission on the humane treatment of migrants who survive the journey to Europe’s borders.

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