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Tebu brigade joins Hafter

By Jamal Adel

The largely Tebu Brigade No. 25 based at the Sarir oil field yesterday joined retired General Khalifa Hafter’s “Operation Dignity”. The unit, also known as Ahmed Al-Shareef Brigade, combines both Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFG) and border guards.

“We declare that the 25th Brigade of both PFG and border guards has now joined the Dignity Operation and we put our selves under the direct command of the Libyan army,” the the brigade’s chief commander, Major Ali Seeda, told the Libya Herald.

The brigade is in charge of security at the Sarir and Messla oilfield as well as at the Shula oil compound 450 kilometres north of Kufra.

“We have always kept away from political issues and regional divisions. We’re regular army members and officers,” said Seeda. “We’ve joined the Operation Dignity because Libyan army members are being attacked and murdered. It’s our duty to protect ourselves and enforce law in our country.”

The brigade liberated Sarir oilfield and Al-Shula oil compound, Messla oilfield, 59 oilfield andthe Sarir northern farm project from Qaddafi forces at the beginning of April 2011 and have been based there ever since.

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