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UNHCR considers Tunisian camps for possible Libyan influx

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The UNHCR in Tunisia has confirmed that it is in talks with the Tunisian government about re-establishing refugee camps to cope with any mass flight from Libya.

Unofficial reports have suggested that plans to re-open Choucha, one of the camps set up during the Libyan revolution are under active discussion. Choucha, just across the border from Libya was used primarily to house third country nationals who had fled the Libyan fighting.

The last refugees there were only moved out last year. Confirming that it was talking to the government in Tunis, a UNHCR spokesman there said:

“UNHCR is coordinating with the Tunisian authorities to explore response mechanisms in case of any possible influx from Libya.

“As a humanitarian agency, UNHCR is closely monitoring the situation in Libya. These are standard procedures for any humanitarian agency like UNHCR in countries neighbouring those facing tensions such as in Libya”.

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