06. März 2014 · Kommentare deaktiviert für EU-Außengrenze: Abschottung, Lager, Fluchthilfe – Reportage Spiegel TV · Kategorien: Griechenland, Italien, Türkei, Video · Tags: , ,

Festung Europa: Eine Reise entlang der Migrationsfront

Film: http://www.spiegel.tv/filme/opendoku-festung-europa/

06. März 2014 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Todesfall Oury Jalloh: Thomas Ndindah vs GBA am BGH · Kategorien: Deutschland · Tags: ,

Im Todesfall Oury Jalloh: Thomas Ndindah vs GBA am BGH – Bezug: Ihr Antwortschreiben vom 11. Februar 2014 – AZ 2 APR 308/13-5

Pressemitteilung GBA zum Todesfall Oury Jalloh – Gegenvorstellung von Thomas Ndindah gegen den OStA beim BGH Dr. Matthias Krauß

Von Die Karawane für die Rechte von Flüchtlingen und MigrantInnen in Deutschland
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06. März 2014 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Ukraine, No Borders: Stellungnahme zur politischen Situation · Kategorien: Ukraine

In the current situation that has prevailed by March 5th, 2014 the No Borders Project from the NGO „Social Action Center“ has to report the following:

We strongly condemn the Russian military intervention in the territory of Ukraine as well as the attempts to exploit the current situation by certain groups and their collaborators. We remind that these actions violate international law and we believe that responsibility for what is going on is entirely on those who decided to aggression, primarily, on the political leaders of the Russian Federation and on those who supported this decision.

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06. März 2014 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Ceuta EU-Zaun: Guardia Civil auf marokkanischer Seite – Repression mit Toten · Kategorien: Marokko, Spanien

Anders als in der spanischen Presse verkündet operierte die Guardia Civil laut Augenzeugen mit hunderten Beamten auf marokkanischem Boden:


1500 Migrants attempt to storm Ceuta – Guardia Civil beat them on Moroccan Soil

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, around 1500 people tried to storm the Ceuta border fence. They were heavily beaten by Spanish Guardia Civil forces who were operating on Moroccan soil. There are rumours of three people dead or at least heavily injured. The following is from an eye witness account.

In the small hours of Tuesday morning, well over a thousand migrants wait in the forest looking down on the fences of Ceuta. People arriving from all over Morocco, coming here to strike. Everyone’s organising and preparing themselves for the attack. Speeches are made, making sure everyone knows not to take weapons like knives, sticks and rocks but most of all, to go without anger. All people are focusing on having a better life and not violence. To surrender when defeated but prepare for the control and beatings by the police, having stones thrown at them and hit by their metal batons. Because one thing is certain and that is that the police will try to hit them and they will try to hurt them.

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