06. März 2014 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Ukraine, No Borders: Stellungnahme zur politischen Situation · Kategorien: Ukraine

In the current situation that has prevailed by March 5th, 2014 the No Borders Project from the NGO „Social Action Center“ has to report the following:

We strongly condemn the Russian military intervention in the territory of Ukraine as well as the attempts to exploit the current situation by certain groups and their collaborators. We remind that these actions violate international law and we believe that responsibility for what is going on is entirely on those who decided to aggression, primarily, on the political leaders of the Russian Federation and on those who supported this decision.

We thank the activists, public figures and everyone who speaks and acts against war and aggression in Ukraine, in Russia and in other countries. Often this decent pitch demands courage and you have shown the world that you act with dignity and courage.

For many years “No Borders” has been monitoring xenophobia in Ukraine and trying to counteract this disgraceful phenomenon. We have to state that the current messages sounded in the statements of some authorities of the Russian Federation and in the Russian media information about the alleged wave of xenophobic attitudes and actions, which has convulsed Ukraine after the fall of the previous regime, are falseand have no background. We call on all people of Ukraine, all public associations and political parties  not to succumb to provocative statements, and to maintain peace and harmony between different ethnic, cultural, religious and other communities of our diverse Ukraine.

“No Borders” continues to help refugees and asylum seekers in Ukraine. In regards to this we report the following:

  1. we have initiated a project to help those individuals – citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens, stateless persons – who due to the situation may be forced to leave the areaoccupied by invaders or the area where collaborationist groups are active. Those of the individuals who need help in temporary accommodation in safer regions of Ukraine – please use No Borders Project contacts listed below. Those who have the ability and desire to shelter these people in need- please contact us using the same contacts;
  2. if anyone from the antiwar movement protesters, particularly, in the Russian Federation faces the threat of persecution because of his/her position and activities,and is forced to leave the country we are ready to provide advice and guidance on the procedure of granting refugee status in Ukraine or to help obtain the consultation in other countries;
  3. if someone from the military occupation forces decides to refuse to perform criminal orders and terminates his/her participation in the intervention we are ready to provide advice and guidance on the procedure for granting refugee status in Ukraine or to help get any appropriate consultation in other countries.

Regarding all the issues mentioned above please contact home@noborders.org.ua or call +38068 790 33 77

For our and your freedom. Human rights are above everything.

No Borders Project Team
NGO “Social Action Center”

„No Borders“ Project,
Social Action Center (Kyiv, Ukraine)
tel./fax: (380) 44 254 5888
mob. tel.: (380) 97 238 63 86
e-mail: nazarova@noborders.org.ua
skype: aleksandra.nazarova
web: http://noborders.org.ua

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