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Hungary: refugees and asylum seekers boom in 2013

From 2,157 asylum seekers in 2012 to 18,900 in 2013

ANSA – BUDAPEST – Hungary recorded in 2013 a number of requests for political asylum nine times higher than in 2012, growing from 2,157 to 18,900, and this has been an “unprecedented “ increase since 2000, according to Zsuzsanna Vegh, director general of the Hungarian Immigration and Citizenship Deparment, a press release issued by the Interior Ministry reported. Vegh pointed out that in 2013, 23,000 people have crossed the southern Hungarian border illegally, 85% of which sought refugee protection, even though in a “significant number “ of cases the request was not justified. According to the press release, most of the illegal migrants in 2013 (more than 6,000 people) came from Kosovo, that is 32% of asylum applications. The remaining 68% came from Afghanistan, Algeria and Syria. According to Vegh, this increase in the number of refugees seeking asylum in Hungary depends in particular on the reduction of “security“ in their home countries, in particular Syria and Afghanistan. As for Kosovo, however, financial and existential problems “have forced many people to leave their countries“ to seek a job and to build a new life in Hungary. (ANSA)

Statistics regarding migrants and refugees

As far as I see, there is only an hungarian version available


The document has 40 pages. From page 26 to 36 it regards refugees.

Short observations:

  • Refugees from Kosovo have in Hungary  similiar „possibilities” as serbs and macedonians in Germany – no chance for asylum.
  • The increased high numbers of asylum seekers and the still very low number of recognized refugees. So the question: what happens to them? As they are not expelled..
  • Still no statistics on gender.
  • Dublin ll
  • More or less same relationship of citizenships: Citizens of Kosovo and Pakistan are the most in the statistics.

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