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Turkey, 11.06.2013…. largest uprising ever in Turkish (including
Ottoman) history,

Erdogan Government, Erdogan himself, all his puppet ministers,
governors, heads of security, the entire state trow lies at public,
wide open, publicly… Entire media produce manipulation and lies…
They have built an ambush to millions of people, most of them out on
the streets this evening, tonight fighting back, furious about what
was happening….Numbers are growing.. yesterday there were more than
a million people inTaksim Sqaure. Now more figthin back on the streets
in almost all the cities. Mainstream media is busy with manuplating
and speculating only about Taksim and Gezi Park..

[Taksim Solidarity press release about today:

The state and mainstream media telling lies is probably the case all
the time but it was never so naked visible to at least to the eyes of
the half of society, 20 million adult…After today, it can not go
back to normal, it can never be the same, business as usual…

[a note from activists on the ground shared on facebook: Dear friends
all over the world, Please share! The government in collaboration with
the police and the media staged a theatre play (with terrible actors)
at Taksim square early this morning. After announcing that there will
be no attacks on the people at Gezi park and Taksim, hundreds of
policemen came to collect the banners, at the same time chocking
people with tear gas. The media, who has ignored the protests so far
was there from the beginning broadcasting (from extremely good
shooting points) a play between hundreds of cops and about 30
protesters (still a mystery who they were) who were throwing Molotov
cocktails to the police at the square. This act went on for more than
an hour. The police, who is capable of breaking up thousand of people
(without provocation )within minutes with tear gas and water cannons,
only circled around them, gently spraying a little water. In the mean
time, on the back streets and around Gezi park, where the media was
not broadcasting, the attacks were as usual brutal. The protests until
this morning have been peaceful and it is not clear whether these
people were extremists from some political groups or some others(??).
What is clear is that they do not reflect the spirit of this uprising.
Couple of hours ago, police attacked the biggest court house in
Istanbul and arrested around 70 lawyers, who were only protesting
against the morning attacks, probably as a response to their help with
protecting the rights of the people arrested and injured during last
weeks protests. In response to today’s events, people of Istanbul are
going back to Taksim square this evening at 19:00 possibly with larger
numbers than the protests on May 31. Please share this information.
The Turkish media has failed miserably and it is very important that
the world knows what is really going on in Turkey.
(please copy/paste rather than sharing)]

If today turns into a civil war, all the liars; the media, the state
and the capital and their international counterparts that backs the
liars will be counted as the responsible…

(a good list of some live streamers: http://www.bestanuce1.com/tv/?kanal=tv4)

Please spread the word, show your solidarity, join in the streets,
squares, assemblies in your country, use online channels, twitter,
facebook, what ever… contribute in anyway you can to build and links
our revolt globally.it might be the turning point to start an
offensive to build the new worlds we have been dreaming about…

This might be be a turning point not only for Turkey, but also for
Europe, for US, for Asia, for Syria, the Middle East, the greater
Middle East, (even for Antarctica)..

Everywhere is Gezi, everywhere is resistance!

n-1 working group: https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/104127/take-the-square-international/

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