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Private security for immigrant detention centres
Nikos Dendias announces public order ministry plan

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias on Thursday announced that the government is planning to hire a private security company to guard Greece’s immigrant detention centres.

A private security company will be charged with guarding the country’s immigrant detention centres in cooperation with the Greek police, Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias announced on Thursday.
Answering a parliamentary question by New Democracy MP Christos Dimas, the minister also said that a military camp in Corinth will continue to serve as an immigrant detention centre in the foreseen future.
Dendias said that the camp will serve as a detention centre “for as long as the country needs it”. “For this reason, I have no intention of promising something which is not part of the ministry’s immediate or mid-term plans, neither to you nor to the Corinthian society, which I highly regard and respect,” the minister said.
In reply, main opposition Syriza issued a statement saying that “immigrants detained in Mr Dendias‘ concentration camps are left without soap due to ‚lack of funds‘, yet the ministry has come up with the money to hire private security companies to guard them.”
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