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Between migration and precarization. Diary of a journey through five Tunisian cities

by Hagen Kopp – Kein Mensch ist Illegal, Hanau with Activists from Afrique-Europe-Interact and Welcome to Europe

Intro 1

This fragmentary diary was written in late January, before the assassination of the leader of the left opposition Chokri Belaïd on February 6th 2013 in Tunis, and the general strike and mass protests that followed in many cities around the country. The current developments of the last weeks are therefore not included. Despite this, whoever reads this text can no doubt perceive, through the description of two local revolts, the latency of a greater uprising and with it the potential for a «second revolution». In our travels we (again) experienced that the reality of protests against poverty and exploitation, the struggle for better wages, for freedom and dignity, are very much alive in Tunisia. And we think that these social demands – and not the media polarization between Islamic governing party and secular opposition – must remain at the center of our considerations, of our solidarity and of our search for common grounds …

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See also the Italian translationTra migrazione e precarizzazione. Diario di un viaggio in cinque città tunisine.
and the German translationZwischen Migration und Prekarisierung. Tagebuchnotizen einer Reise durch fünf tunesische Städte.

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