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Hello All
In the recent week we have found out that our government is deporting North Sudanese and Eritrean refugees from prison.
Approximately 1000 Sudanese were deported secretly to Sudan
Even though Israel is signed the UN refugees code.
Its a crime against humanity and the people who were sent back are facing death sentence because they fled to Israel.
The UN has just found out about that new policy and so does the human NGO’s that work with refugees and asylum seekers.
Apparently the attendees were given a document that said that they need to choose between lifetime prison or an unknown prison sentence to „willingly“ returning to Sudan and Eritrea.
Yesterday (Thursday Feb. 28th) a demonstration took place in Tel Aviv with Sudanese and Israelis that were protesting against this un-human act.
Unfortunately the minister of internal affairs is an extremist fundamental racist man, from the ultra religious party SHAS.
We still dont know who will be the next minister as we had elections last month and the coalition is yet to be set up.
I am attaching a few links in English for further information and will send more details as soon as I have:
and this one is a blog about related stories of refugees and asylum seekers (English)
will keep on updating you

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