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Invitation to a Meeting for a European political platform of Migrants and Refugees

Saturday September 20, 2014. 6 pm, Reichenbergerstr. 157 (Cafe Kommune)

L“Assemblée des Migrants – Migrants Assembly – from Berlin answered to the invitation to the meeting organized in Paris (September 6 and 7) by the CISPM – Coalition International de Sans Papiers et Migrants. The agenda of the meeting is the further development of the European networking and the organization of Action Days with Meetings, Actions and Demonstration in Rome to be held in November 12 – 16 / 2014.

Italy is currently at the head of the EU Commission, negotiating new migration policies. The operation „Mare Nostrum“ will be replaced by „Frontex plus“ only to make sure that more people will die in the Mediterranean sea, under cover of the struggle against the smugglers.

The CISPM is collecting testimonies and evidences to put legal and political charges before the Human Rights Court of Strasbourg against the European Union and its External border’s Agency for the deaths in the Mediterranean sea.

It is now official also that Italian border police, since at least 6 months is not cooperating with the application of the Dublin Regulation. Until the end of 2013 asylum seekers arriving to the Italian coasts reported of having been tortured during days to take their fingerprints by force (https://vimeo.com/98533282), since 6 months the identifications at the sea borders were unofficially and unilaterally stopped.

It seems that Italy is on one hand blackmailing Germany and EU in order to „renegotiate“ the „quotas“ of asylum seekers, while offering on the other hand a Europewide police operation in trains, stations,and highways to stop and detain undocumented people in transit (http://www.heise.de/tp/artikel/42/42375/1.html).

There are at the present 30.000 ongoing Dublin procedures in Germany, a very big part of them to Italy. How we have to understand this situation? That there will be 30.000 of deportations? We have doubts about that the plan is this.

We understand Dublin 3 as part of the same institutional strategy the German Immigration Office is using under the name of Duldung (tolerance).

The basic fact is that Germany leaves, to all the non-European getting into it’s borders without visum, no other choice than entering the Asylum System. The marginalization and the exploitation as a structural effects of the illegalization of migrants in Italy or France, is in Germany set „by law“ in a structure giving accomodation, subsistence’s minimum (often below any worthy minimum life standard), administrating in different ways the isolation from the German society for all the time „the deportation is suspended“. This „asylum procedure“ between rejections and appeals can last in some cases over 20 years.

There are actually in Germany around 100 thousand of people in Duldung. 30.000 since over 6 years. This situation is justified openly by the conservative parties ruling in Germany as part of deliberate measures to discourage immigration.

When we see the German Asylum System as a Migration control’s System and the role played by Germany inside the European Migration policies we understand how our participation in a European political platform of Migrants is needed.

Actually one of the strongest inputs, coming from many sides in this Paris meeting was the need of a deepest exchange and comprehension of the differences in the Migrations policies inside the different European Countries to get to a common understanding of the connections of interests and even of the conflicts inside the EU.

Back to the Dublin 3 Regulation the question is: how to set strategies and demands in relation to its effective application? Is also important to overcome the unilateralism of the Campaigns against the Dublin Rule that have been carried until now in Germany. For example, declaring Greece or Hungary or even Italy „non-safe lands“ to demand case by case the „soveregnty clause“ of Germany (Par. 17 of the same Dublin Rule) is a real exit from Dublin 3? Is really enough in the struggle against Dublin 3 to impose the competence of the asylum cases to Germany?

We think is needed a common effort in direction of a Europewide systemic view.This is the challenge for a European Migrants political Platform with the contribution of each active member group in the respective country to exchange informations, experiences and analysis to go for common actions..

November 12-16 in Rome we will be there to work together on a European Migrants‘ political Platform, for a European Campaign against Deportation as a mean of immigration’s control Social Rights for all Europewide as the answer.

Assembly of Migrants Berlin

September 17, 2014

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