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Greece: The cost of indifference

Wednesday July 31, 2013 21:27 author by glykosymoritis

Mohammad Hassan from Corith’s camp dies

KEERFA accuses Minister Dendias

Afghani refugee Mohammad Hassan died on Saturday in Sismanogleio hospital where he was intubated struggling to stay alive after moved there from Corinth’s hospital where he entered on the 2nd of July. He had been prisoned in Corinth’s concentration camp since 2/9/2012. KEERFA accused the ministry of Public Order for indifference and complicity.

“The Afghan refugee prisoner from Corinth’s [Korinthos’s] concentration camp that was kept dying and intubated in Sismanoglio is dead. Samara’s Government and Minister of Citizen Protection Dendias have stained their hands with blood” notes KEERFA, who made the incident public with their announcement.

As KEERFA [he Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat] had warned through their announcement and an interview on Thursday publised on enet, his life had been in danger.

According to allegations from his fellow prisoners, he had been experiencing pain for a long time but the policemen were refusing to respond to his plea to be taken to the hospital. He had an infection requiring prompt treatment.

“We reached this point because even the warnings from OENGE (the Federation of Hospital Doctors) a month ago when they visited Amygdaleza camp were ignored. The Ministry of Public Order and the Greek Police have did absolutely nothing.

Prisoners die and Dendias remains silent. For us there is complicity of the Ministry of Citizen Protection and Dendias in the crimes taking place in the camps and in police station, like the Grevena one. […]

People looking for asylum and safety are arrested, imprisoned and led to death. There has to be an end to this policy right now.

A big protest by his fellow prisoners had to take place for Mohammad Hassan to be eventually taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, it was proven that it was already late. What makes it even more tragic is that on the 8th of July, while he was intubated in Sismanogleio, he was given a paper suspending for six months the decision that got him

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