20. Juli 2013 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Lampedusa: Demo EritreerInnen gegen biometrische Erfassung · Kategorien: Eritrea, Italien · Tags:

About 250 refugees from Eritrea started a Protest Demonstration today in Lampedusa. Main demand: no to give their fingerprints in italy. They know well about the consequences with Dublin II and demand to leave the Island without the Fingerprint registration. They went Out from the closed camp for this collective action after fruitless negitiations the days before.

The protesting refugees finished their Demonstration with a sit-in in front of the church. The Police promised, that a first small group will be transferred tomorrow without fingerprinting and thus they all should return into the camp. But the refugees decided to stay also over night, they do not believe and they demand the Transfer for all.

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