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Here below the link to the latest proposal on the EUROSUR Regulation as agreed between the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament and the COuncil of the EU.


The text should be voted by October 2013.

It should be noted that the text mentions „saving the lives of migrants“ as one of the objectives. However, the text also states that EUROSUR aims to „detect“ and „combat illegal migration“. EUROSUR will only „contribute“ to saving the lives of migrants.

if the inclusion of this mention, as promoted by the LIBE committee, is a positive step, it may remain purely symbolic in the sense that the formula in Article 1 may well be interpreted as using EUROSUR for the purpose of saving lives by preventing migrants from embarking unseaworthy vessels.

Besides, it is worth emphasing that the draft Regulation uses the terminology „illegal migration“, although this is opposed – at least in official discourses – by the European Commission itself.

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