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  • Omar Hashash 40 m
  • Fatma Hashash 30 f
  • Jinan Hashash (7 years old) f
  • Abduahl Hashash (6 years old) m
  • Lujan Hashash (3 years old) f
  • Mustafa Sahraje 30 m
  • Kamar Sheli (17 years old) f
  • Muhamad Shelli (21 years old) f
  • Gader Aci Tulkmani 14 m

Yesterday as the bodies of three people , one young woman, one boy about 5 and a girl about 8 years old found in different beaches in the western part of the island (Eressos- Tavari) the relatives of missing Syrians since 6th of March during their crossing to Mytilini arrived in the hospital. They didn’t recognized the people in the hospital. They said probably the woman is from Afganistan. Since the 7th of march when the phone of their people stopped ringing they have been looking everywhere in Turkey, in Chios and now in Mytilini. They are all people from Alepo. Today we are going again to the police to cheque if they have arrested these people which is what we all hope in this case but unfortunately there are very little chances…. I hope we have some news soon. The phographe of the missing child 14 years old who is among them, was send by our network last week but we had no information about the other people missing.

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