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Break Isolation Network – Workshops, Conferences and Discussions in German Cities with Activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum


*On the Move! Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act*

*April 2013 in 7 regions of Germany in Goettingen, 08.-9.04, Berlin, 08.-13.04, Frankfurt, 10.-11.04 (Rally in Containerlager Oberursel 11.04), Bremen, 11-12.04, Hamburg, 13.04,Wuppertal, 14.04, Jena, 22-26.04.

“Meetings on lager campaign: Closing down refugee isolation camps in Germany – What has changed?”

Closing down refugee isolation camps in Germany – Refugee Tribunal Appeal – Unite Against Colonial Injustice

On behalf of the The VOICE Refugee Forum, The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants and the Break Isolation Network:

We are at a crucial turning point to make refugee isolation lager HISTORY in Germany.

Therefore we are interested in continuously advancing public discussions and hearings on refugee struggles and lager community strikes in Thüringen and on the successful campaigns that led to the closure of isolated lager camps since 1995 in Saalfeld, Jena Forst, Tambach-Dietharz, Katzhütte and recently to the closure of Zella-Mehlis in 2012. Other lagers were closed down in the early development of the refugee struggles before the Caravan tour in 1998. There were further solidarity actions in support of the successfull protests of the Tamil strike against the first lager ship in Bremen in 1994 and the later “jungle heims” as in Parchim in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Interestingly, it is known before the BUKO conference that the Bremen state wants to close down all their refugee lagers now (theoretically), after years of antiracist protests.

Our discussion will be in the frame work of the Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act which starts on 2nd of April in seven regions of Germany and will focus on the Refugee Tribunal Appeals – “Unite Against Colonial Injustice” http://www.refugeetribunal.org/ and the recent refugee lager community strikes in Nördlingen, Bitterfeld, Schwäbisch Gmünd and Wolfsburg.

According to the transparent solidarity slogan of the Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants: “We are here because you destroy our land” all sides and different points of view should be given a hearing in this process. We want to ride over the fears and keep the border regimes under control and expose the ideology of that dominant culture of colonial injustice in the World Order of global apartheid and oppression of the people of the world.

Our struggles for freedom of refugee movement and against police brutality and the arrests of activists will be highlighted. We will show films and video documentations and provide information materials on refugee struggles in Germany.

On the move
Osaren Igbinoba, Tel. 0176 24568988
The VOICE Refugee Forum, Email: thevoiceforum@gmx.de
Thevoiceforum.org – Breakisolation.blogsport.de/ – Thecaravan.org

*On the Move! Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act*

*April 2013 in 7 regions of Germany*

Workshops, Conferences and Discussions with Break Isolation Campaign Network and Refugee Tribunal platform activists

Goettingen, 08.-9.04
Berlin, 08.-13.04
Frankfurt, 10.-11.04 (Rally in Containerlager Oberursel 11.04)
Bremen, 11-12.04
Hamburg, 13.04
Wuppertal, 14.04
Jena, 22-26.04.

*Women Congress* in Hamburg 19-21.04

*Rallies and Demonstrations:*
Breitenworbis and Heiligenstadt 26.04.
Wolfsburg, 27.04

*Unite against Colonial injustice and strengthening the refugee struggles

Freedom of Refugees‘ Movement

that we close down the refugee camp
that we break Residenzpflicht till it ends
that we demand for a movement against deportations

“Break Isolation Meetings in Lagers – through our chains of protest and resistance we are calling for a Break Isolation Movement to keep the authorities under permanent control and to protest against their abuses – for the empowerment of the refugee campaigns in the daily struggles of the lager communities we need a collective movement.” by Osaren Igbinoba

World Wide Roma Movement: thousands of balloons – *8. April 2013* for Roma Community, in Solidarity with the Break Isolation Movement! Against exclusion and Isolation! http://thevoiceforum.org/node/3092

Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act 2013 – Input by The VOICE Refugee Forum; http://thevoiceforum.org/node/3087

Refugee Campaigns and Mobilization for the Refugee Tribunal in Berlin on 13-16. June 2013 against the abuses of the german state on refugees;

Refugee appeals to refugees in the neighbourhood lagers in order to join together and to organise our protest and campaigns in the refugee communities;

There will be rallies; demonstrations in the refugee lagers and delegations of activists visits to isolation Lager during the Break Isolation Conference in April 2013.

*On the move!*

Make Donation to: Sparkasse Göttingen; Kontonummer 127829; BLZ: 260 500 01; BAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29, BIC: NOLADE21GOE

Caravan – for the rights of refugees and migrants in Germany

Contacts: The VOICE Refugee Forum, Tel: 0049 176 24568988,
Email: *thevoiceforum@gmx.de*,
*Breakisolation.blogsport.de, *Thecaravan.org

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