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Letter from Nordlingen Refugees to District Authourities

The Lord Mayor (Oberbürgermeister)
Marktplatz 1, 86720 Nördlingen


The Landrat Donau Reis
Pflegstr 2, 86609 Donauwörth

Dear Sir,
We, the Refugees from Nördlingen Lager have reached a threshhold that we can no longer absorb the Injustices we face from the DistrictAuthourities.

It is based on the above that we have since 28.02.13 embarked on the Boycott of the routine Food Packet that discriminates and deprives usof our Rights and dignity as Humans amongst many other problems.

Although we are quite sure that the situation has already been communicated to the the Authourities as the Lager Boss „Mrs Rheinhard“had promised, we also deem it necessary to officially communicate the situation anyways.

Our expectation for a meeting with the Responsible Authourities demands urgency or else, we shall proceed to our next line of action which may be scandalous to the District and the German Society at large.

Yours Faithfully,

Nördlingen Refugees


Nördlingen Police
Schwaben Regional Office (Regierungspräsidium)
Bayern Paliament (Bayerishe Landtag)
United Nations High Commission for Refugees

At the same time of submitting this Letter, There is a massive presence of Police in the Lager and Refugees are compelled to remain in their rooms while the Police are possibly conducting a search.


First Announcement:
Refugee Strike in Nördlingen (Bayern)

Letter from Nordlingen Refugees to District Authourities

As part of the strike of Refugees in europe, Refugees in Nördlingen are at the moment embacking on a Food Package Boycott and demand their right to choice without discrimination. The Refugees have stopped the Food distributor from offloading what they identified as unhealthy food that is forcrd on them by the German State.

The Police are already there with their usual game of asking for the leader of the Protest. The Refugees have confirmed that they are all responsible for the action and that they have no leader.

The Police are calling for more backups to possibly excise their usual culture brutality…
They are requesting the Refugees to allow the Truck leave since they dont want to accept the Food packages.

We are calling for Solidarity Nationwide and Request Networks in the region to observe the situation.

Self organised Refugee Community of Schwäbisch Gmünd are also present at the scene to express their Solidarity on behalf of the Nationwide Caravan Network.

Detailed report will be communicated soonest.

The Voice Refugee Forum

The demands of the refugees:

Today the 28/02/2013 we the refugees in Nordlingen are going on a protest to demostration for their demand for the following:

1.we demand food package stop.
2.we demand giving of cloth should be stop
3.we demand close of larger
3.we demand deportation should be stop.
4.we demand stop to payment to permission to travel out of our lager.
5.Idris Solomon should be release from deportation camp.

Protesting Refugees, Nordlingen

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