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As at Wednesday 8/10/2014, four(4) members of I.O.M visited the camp to discuss with the occupants, the conversations ensued: The voluntary return program, possibilities for status refugees and as well to obtain the correct statistics from the camp inhabitants. When prejudice by members of the camp for a proper explanations i.e, why should we write a list of names for the I.O.M and who(mean source of the eviction order)?

we were made to understand that a meeting was held at mednine,convoked by the governor and those NGOs in partnership with UNCR, that after the meeting, it was the governor who asked I.O.M and the red crescent to come and explain to those of us remaining in the camp and requested for the names. We totally disagree with this impolite explanation, because the governor has not visited the camp in form of reality to understand what we are suffering in a deserted region of Tunis and pretending to be blind to all the legal violations of our rights in the past and present. And secondly there was a legal pipeline agreement between the UNHCR and the government before establishing the camp, so therefore if he needs the names and file numbers of those remaining in Choucha or needs to evict the camp, making the desert free for any reason whatsoever he should go through the same legal channel on which the camp was enacted, not to come and bother us without any suitable plans for the inhabitants. They left and promise to be back on Friday.

Again I.O.M visited yesterday Friday 10/10/2014 to pick up the present list of camp residence, that no community in the camp provided, with reasons that we cannot provide our names and file numbers for a blind agreement and as fact, in the past from the UNHCR and I.O.M they have the list which they normally update themselves, if need be by going through all the communities with the master list from their data base. When it seems I.O.M and those of us in the camp cannot come to compromise, they request us of a note to the governor, which in the note was written; (1) That if he needs to get the list of names and file numbers, he should pass through the proper channels and that is the UNHCR (2) To discuss eviction with the camp responsible, which is the UNHCR and not bothering us without any suitable plan (3) Not to the governor, but since he fails to understand the reasons and our legal claim,he should direct this to the responsible; Resettlement to a safe third country counting with effective system of asylum protection.

This was the agreements in which the discussion ended.
Thanks to all who are participating in any form for the upliftment of our four years struggle, we appreciate and say your efforts and labor will not be in vain.

Greetings from Choucha.

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